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‘ わたしだけ ’ の
Style of Lab
Experiment, Discover & Create Styles
that Are “Uniquely You”
- Style of Lab


Imagine yourself writing with a favorite fountain pen with the perfect fit,
using a favorite ink color blended to your perfection,
in a pleasant space where your favorite fragrance wafts in the air around you.
Instruments that bring out the best in You.
Accessories that best express You.
Fragrances that best unleash the passion within You.
Come and discover styles that are “Uniquely You”.

Personalize your daily activities such as work, study and hobbies, and enjoy them even more.
Style of Lab was born to help you style your life, “Uniquely You”.
Make your life more colorful and expressive,
with your own original combinations of favorites in fountain pens, inks and fragrances.
Step into Style of Lab where you will discover items that are “Uniquely You”.
Take our items into your hand, experience them, and rejoice each day in that special feeling,
of a gratifying lifestyle that is “Uniquely You”.

Style of Lab will be holding workshops and events,
as well as announcing various limited-edition items,
so you can get to know us and our concept better through actual experience and experimentation.

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1-29-9 Ebisunishi,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0021 , Japan